About The Artist

Calum Stevenson

When searching for a unique artist to commission a set of contemporary oil paintings  for the Beresford Lounge, we were instantly drawn to the work of Calum Stevenson.

The elegant design of the Beresford Lounge’s interior and our stunning commission from Catherine Abel both utilise a traditional Art Deco and streamline moderne style; using sleek curves and lines inspired by aerodynamic designs for an ordered aesthetic. When collaborating with Calum, we wanted him to produce something different entirely – a series of artwork that would aesthetically disrupt the orderliness of our space, adding a fresh new perspective, whilst complimenting the rich history and design of the Beresford Lounge, alongside that of Glasgow itself.

Calum delivered all of this and more in his unique oil painting series – including the works “Empire Vision”, “City Essence” and an astounding third work which is yet to be released.

A bold, intriguing clash of contemporary photographic elements and traditional oil painting; Calum Stevenson’s work is instantly recognisable and his creations leave a lasting impact within the viewer’s mind.

Born in Falkirk, Stevenson graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in 2019. He then went on to graduate from the Glasgow School of Art with a MA in Fine Art Practice in 2020. Stevenson has been presented with numerous awards throughout the duration of his career thus far, including The Sandra McNeilance Prize for Drawing and Painting.

Stevenson’s creative process is unique in that his oil paintings begin as intricate digital collages, which are then reworked and evolved until he has reached the final, perfect iteration of his chosen compositions. These arrangements are then transformed into physical marvels as Stevenson translates each composition into a detailed oil painting on stretched canvas. Capturing a strong sense of movement and a bold intrigue, Stevenson’s artwork thrives in its complexity and the honed skill of its creator.

As a celebration of the city of Glasgow’s rich culture and the opening of the Beresford Lounge in 2021, Stevenson has created a series of truly unique paintings which reflect both Glasgow’s Art Deco heritage and the vision which encompasses the Beresford Lounge itself. These paintings are available as a limited series of high quality prints, so you can now enjoy them from the comfort of home – supporting the Beresford Lounge and Scotland’s creative industry. Diamond Founding Members of the Beresford Lounge will also be lucky enough to have a specially commissioned portrait of themselves, or family, created by Calum Stevenson or one of our other featured artists.