About Us

Beresford Lounge — Café, Bar, Restaurant, Community, Music, Art, Business and so much more…

Glasgow’s swankiest new institution

Beresford Lounge is a new 1930s Art Deco bar and eatery for relaxing after work with friends, or grabbing a quick snack before the daily grind. It will feature classy decor and exquisite artwork. We offer cocktails and mocktails as well as excellent Scottish and British fare for those who are feeling a tad peckish. Whether you want to unwind after a hard day’s work or simply to sit for a delicious meal in the middle of the day, Beresford Lounge will transport you to the glamorous world of yesteryear where men took off their fedoras and leading ladies made every head turn.


  • One-of-a-kind café and restaurant by day, bar open from 12:00 until late
  • Sensational British & Scottish dishes prepared from the highest quality of responsibly-sourced local ingredients
  •  Delicious artisan coffee from sustainable sources only
  •  Breathtaking interiors
  •  Order in or on the go, takeaway wrapped elegantly in sustainably sourced packaging materials with only biodegradable cups and straws.
  •  Menu arranged by one of Glasgow’s top restaurant consultants
  •  Safe Dining (highest-grade and safe disinfection every night)
  •  Special plans for the basement area which will include business networking, art shows, community-building, club nights and much more
  •  Exclusive Membership Benefits

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