Finders Keepers

Treasure Hunt Rule Book


We have created this giveaway challenge to promote mental health and well-being and help bring a little bit of fun back into people’s lives by turning their daily exercise into a treasure hunt!

We have recently carried out a survey, which you may have even taken part in, to find out the effects of lockdown on people’s well-being. Out of over three thousand responses, 78.46% said that their mental health has been negatively impacted by the lockdown. A lot of respondents noted that being cooped up at home all day has been very demoralising and unmotivating, with many who, on average, leave their homes no more than twice a week.

We hope our challenge will provide people a fun reason to get out, whilst still keeping safe and following government guidelines.


Clues will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram Pages once/twice/thricea day. If you haven’t already, make sure you follow us to ensure that you are kept up to date with our clues and to be in with a chance of finding the treasure first. Each clue will either be a riddle, a picture or rough description on where to look.

The Treasure

We have hidden Beige Envelopes (covered in plastic pouches to shield them from the Glasgow elements!) in secret locations around Glasgow’s many parks. Each envelope will contain a letter with information on how to claim your membership as well as the type of membership you have won. You will have a chance to win our Graphite, Bronze, Silver, Gold and even one of our Diamond Founding Memberships, worth over £10,000 and complete with a plaque, self/family portrait by local artist Calum Stevenson, Chauffeur Service to and from Beresford Lounge, a choice one of our Precious Metal Cards and £5000 to spend at the lounge when we open in May!

With over £15,000 worth of prizes hidden around the city you have a great chance of winning!


Congratulations if your detective skills are unbeatable and you have triumphed in following the clues to uncover one of the hidden treasures. To claim your prize, please follow the instructions inside the envelope and post a picture of it on your Instagram story, tagging @beresfordlounge (to make sure we can let everyone following the hunt know!)


Please follow government guidelines on social distancing to respect the safety and wellbeing of others whilst partaking in our competition. You can find the latest guidelines here: