Projects You Support

By purchasing any of our products in our online store, by making a reservation at our venue, you support certified projects that not only plant trees, prevent or sequester carbon and plastic but also have a long term positive social impact. Check them out here.

Eden Reforestation Projects:

Fighting Extreme Poverty Through Tree Planting

Eden Reforestation Project

Our natural world is critical for human survival. Yet nearly 75% of the earth’s surface has been altered and impacted by human activity, threatening the very ecosystems and species we rely on. Widespread deforestation not only hurts plant and animal life, but also jeopardises the ability of local communities to live sustainably off of dwindling natural resources. Eden Reforestation Projects is on a mission to combat deforestation by employing local communities to plant trees, providing an empowering means to alleviate extreme poverty through environmental stewardship. 

Plastic Bank:

Transforming Plastic Waste Into Empowering Income

Plastic Bank

Plastic pollution is one of the greatest threats to our oceans and marine life. The United Nations estimates that every year 8 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in waterways and if we continue to consume and discard single-use plastics at this rate, by 2050 there could be more plastic in our ocean than fish. Plastic Bank® builds ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities while simultaneously creating positive economic opportunities for those who helped collect it.

UN Project 6315:

Sugarcane Biomass Power in India

UN Project 6315

This project uses sugar cane waste to create renewable energy in the East Indian state of Bihar. By utilising a by-product of the sugar cane industry, this project simultaneously tackles organic waste while also creating a more sustainable energy source for the local region.