Spirit Of Glasgow

By Catherine Abel

In our quest to commission an artist to create a stunning Art Deco oil painting for the Beresford Lounge, we were drawn to the unique style of Catherine Abel’s work.

A sleek vision of Glasgow’s past, harmoniously tied to the future through elegant Art Deco design elements and luxurious, streamline detailing – the Beresford Lounge seeks to invite guests into the glamorous world of the roaring twenties, with a modern edge. To truly allow our stunning historic venue to shine, we wanted to commission a remarkable piece of art to act as the crowning jewel of the Beresford Lounge.

Finding an artist who would capture our vision, with the specialised style we were looking for, involved searching far and wide. This was when we discovered the work of globally renowned, Australian artist, Catherine Abel.

We asked Catherine to create a truly spectacular mural; a piece which would celebrate Glasgow’s rich history and culture, whilst taking pride of place as a homage to the Art Deco design within our very own bar. Catherine’s final piece achieved all of this and more, resulting in a modern masterpiece: The Spirit of Glasgow.


Limited Edition or Series Prints –
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