NFTs By Beresford Lounge

Our Story

Unicult’s story dates back to 1938, founded in Scotland by Sir Philip MacMonoceros. The cult sought to uncover an alternate dimension where they believed eternal life was a possibility. In their efforts to discover immortality, one cult member, nicknamed “Dr Bonkers”, has built a gateway that was rumoured to have opened a path to a brand-new realm, a multiverse. Shortly after the portal’s alleged discovery, all so-called “cult members” have mysteriously vanished without a trace. No one has heard from or has been able to uncover the truth surrounding the peculiar circumstances of their disappearance since. Until now…

While refurbishing our venue (a bar, restaurant, café, and nightclub in the centre of Glasgow, Scotland – the Beresford Lounge) we discovered an old safe in our sub-basement that was filled with what looked like sacred scripts of a religious group and a ledger consistent with those who went missing. By deciphering their meaning, we have been able to locate members of the Unicult in the Metaverse! As we now understand the metaverse is a new domain of existence where time is not linear as we know it. Those Cult Members who have been found are still discovering the endless possibilities and limits of their new environment and have requested your aid to find their friends and relatives, still missing.

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NFT Collectables

The Unicult NFT collectables are 11938 programmatically generated unique unicorn NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection will be released as a sequence and will consist of an initial Shadow Edition drop of 1938 NFTs, and a Matter Edition of 10,000 NFTs.

The unicorns are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a Shadow Edition Unicorn will cost 0.05 ETH. The cost of purchasing a Matter Edition Unicorn will be decided by Shadow Edition NFT Holders.

Those who own a Shadow Edition unicorn will be given a say in finalising our roadmap, will be invited to our private Discord community, and will receive a free unicorn from the Matter Edition. In this edition each unicorn is unique, and program generated from 80 possible shadow traits taken from our Matter Edition. Traits include hairstyle, expression, eyewear, clothing, and more. Some of the unicorns are rarer than others.

In the Matter Edition, each unicorn is so unique, we could even call them Uniquecorns! They are program generated from over 170 possible traits in 6 categories with millions of possible combinations. Upon the successful sale of our Matter Edition Unicult NFTs, we will open our venue – Beresford Lounge, and create a platform where Unicorn holders will be gifted shares giving them PART-OWNERSHIP of our venue and venture. Please note that this is not an offer of investment, and shares will be GIFTED. The platform will administer ownership, allow shareholders to vote on certain key decisions, collect dividends and serve as a secondary market powered by blockchain technology. The platform will have the potential of inviting other companies to post their share offering, boosting the Beresford Lounge’s overall scalability and utility.

Benefits Of Ownership

We offer a host of benefits along with your unicorn incarnation. Unicult NFT owners will be gifted shares in our business, access exclusive physical and virtual events, receive commercial usage rights over their NFTs, and have a say in the future of our venture. We are not only creating a community but a collective!

25% of our company gifted. Class A Ordinary Shares with Voting and Dividend Rights!
Access exclusive physical and virtual events!

Commercial usage rights given to consumer over their NFT

Have a say in the future of our venture!

Roadmap To Activation

Although we have identified key milestones of our collective, our roadmap will be further defined collaboratively by the founders and unicorn owners.

Milestone 1 - Shadow Edition NFTs - Sold Out

1938 of our special Shadow Edition NFTs Sold Out on OpenSea. 

Milestone 2 - Matter Edition NFTs Released

Matter Edition NFTs released to the public and gifted to Shadow Edition NFT holders.

Milestone 3 - Open Beresford Lounge

The long-awaited opening of two floors of our physical venue comprising of our Bar and Cafe.

Milestone 4 - Open Cult Club and Event Space

The opening of Cult Club will represent the inception of a Virtual and Physical Event Space where we can start hosting exclusive events for our members and shareholders.

Milestone 5 - Create Exchange Platform

We will create an exchange platform to gift and administer ownership of Shares in our Business, including vote, dividend pay-out, and secondary market functions powered by blockchain technology.

Milestone 6 - Publicly Open Exchange Platform

Open our Exchange Platform publicly inviting other companies to post their share offering, boosting the Beresford Lounge’s overall scalability and utility.

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Beresford Lounge  a brief Introduction:

Beresford Lounge is a 1930s Art Deco bar and eatery spread over 800m2 across 3 floors of the iconic Beresford Building, on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. It will feature classy décor, exquisite artwork, fun and educational events whilst contributing to charitable and non-charitable causes that will help see the city prosper!

The venue will feature a café; open from 8 am to midnight with 50 external and 36 internal seating capacity. Our café will offer all-day breakfast, along with hot and cold alcoholic plus non-alcoholic beverages.

The site will incorporate a bar-restaurant open from 11 am to midnight, with a seating capacity of 105 covers. Our bar will offer time-honoured classics and new concoctions: serving the sexiest cocktails in town.

The venue will also house a multi-functional event space with moderate seating and standing capacity, serving up the freshest live music, comedy, club nights, exclusive members-only events, as well as community, art, charitable, business, and educational functions.

Our Mission is to build an institution that will become an anchor point for the art and business community by revolutionising the role of hospitality.

Beresford Lounge – showcasing Glasgow to the world and the world to Glasgow!

When creating our concept, we drew inspiration from our building’s rich history. Originally designed to welcome guests during the 1938 Exhibition (Scotland’s largest event held to date, with 12.8 million visitors), the iconic Beresford Building was also the location of young JFK’s first official address to US citizens, representing the United States of America in 1939.

Our Progress and Plans:

Our project began on the 1st of February 2020. A few weeks into taking on our venue we had to pivot in our strategy due to the global pandemic. We spent the next while creating our concept and excitement around it while simultaneously looking for investment. We had great success in creating excitement and built an online following, executed a successful crowdfund and made progress on our refurbishments. We have progressed our refurbishments to the stage to be able to open our doors in a matter of months.

 Decline on Sauchiehall Street, dwindling global hospitality investments, constantly changing regulations, uncertainty, the highest annual CPIH and CPI inflation rate since May 1992 in the UK (as the combined result of Brexit and the pandemic) and even mistakes made on our part means that unfortunately, we have not been able to open our doors properly yet. Due to our delays, we have decided to pivot for the second time in our strategy which brings us to today.

 Although our journey has not been smooth, we still look to the future with optimism and believe our challenges demonstrate our resilience and determination in making this project a success, and that they give confidence in becoming part of our story. Beresford Lounge is set to generate an estimated £7 million annual turnover once fully open with a target EBITDA of £2.17 million. Although there will only ever be one Beresford Lounge, depending on the success of the project, we will look to open multiple venues across the globe and in the metaverse carrying our Cult branding.

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